It all starts with a meeting

At the stronghold of Baron Gregory, a meeting between the wealthy and strong lords and barons are taking place. The PCs are invited in some means, maybe because themselves hold a strong and wealthy name or that they are advisors or just because they are known for the heroic deeds.

The stronghold

The stronghold has three towers, a main gate four buildings inside the walls as well as a main keep. Inside this keep is where the big meeting hall is and it is here the first scene occurs. The landscape outside the stronghold is made of mostly farmlands with sparse forests. Outside the stronghold is a small village that supports the operation of the stronghold. A river flows through the village.

The great hall

The great hall itself has various decorations along the walls, like tapestries and shields. It is lit by three big chandaliers hanging from the ceiling. Underneath is a long sturdy oaken table that fits at least 20 people. Out of the 20 seats only 10 are occupied by NPCs, these are various barons and lords. One is of course baron Gregory. He is a rather old man but he is well-liked and has a strong rule over the area. On his side is baron Zachareth who has a strong army to the east. He is busy keeping the demonic Uthuk out of his lands. He believes the forgotten runes hold the key to any success. To the other side is lord Nathanael, a scholar from Greyhaven. A powerful ally with the mages of Greyhaven. Lord Nathanael and his mages have kept the undead Waiqar from rising in the north. He believes the knowledge of the past will unlock the secrets to defeating the undead. There are two lords from Nerekhall who is hard to convince of getting aid from as they are battling internal threats to the city itself.

The outcome

The meeting is taking place, people are in heated discussion about what should be pursued first and who will aid what, what benefits that will give. The barons are mostly interested in keeping their lands safe first of all. Here the PCs might be able to influencec what outcome the meeting will have. This will initiate a starting point for the campaign and where the PCs will have their first mission of sorts.

Gregory believes in balance. Zachareth want to find lost runes taken by enemies near the borders to the Uthuk. Nathanael wants to pursue lost knowledge from ruins near Greyhaven. The lords from Nerekhall wants to stabilize their city and after that they can help.

Whatever the outcome will be, the PCs will be asked to help. And from their a journey on the grand quest has begun. But before any more plans can be made the sound of the alarm bell from the outpost tower can be heard. Baron Gregory reminds them that mounted guards are out on a patrol and will not be back until nightfall. The citadel guards and the personal guards are the only ones here to aid whatever is happening. Baron Gregory turns to the PCs and asks them to hurry and see what is going on.

Goblin raid

The PCs make their way out of the stronghold and towards the outpost which can be seen from the stronghold window (about 500m away). The outpost tower is situated at the top of a small hill overlooking the nearby farmlands which presently are busy in the harvest season. But instead of hardworking farmers there is chaos with people screaming and running towards you and the safety of the stronghold.

With a successful perception check the PCs can spot a struggle going on at the top of the tower. A goblin is battling the guard and the guard seems to be losing. If the PCs have any ranged attack they could try attack the goblin but also might hit the guard instead.

On the fields there is a band of goblins (2 per PC) grabbing the collected crops from the bundles that have been neatly organised before by the farmers. This crop is important for getting by the winter season as this is the last big harvest that will be done. Upon spotting the PCs the goblins grab whatever they can and try escape. If they are cornered they will fight to death but try escape if able to. At the other side of the field are hills with dense trees which the goblins are headed too. Upon the edge of the forest a squad (1 per PC) of goblin archers stand ready defending the goblins running back from the fields.

The goblins should be an easy encounter but the little monsters are quick and some escape with valueble crops into the wilderness. If the PCs want to track down the goblins they can do so but it will be a difficult task. The goblins have a small cave where they store their loot, hidden by branches and rocks. Inside they find dead animals, waiting to be eaten and the crops from the farmlands that have been missing. Some bones can be seen also. Further tracking can not be done (unless you want spend time clearing out a goblin nest as GM).

Goblin (minion)

2 3 1 2 1 1
3 4 0 00

Skills (group only): Brawl, Cool, Deception, Melee (Light), Stealth
Talents: None
Abilities: Darkvision
Equipment: Jagged blade (Light; Dam 5, Crit 3), Padded armor (+1 soak)

Goblin archer (minion)

2 3 1 2 1 1
3 4 0 00

Skills (group only): Brawl, Cool, Deception, Ranged, Stealth
Talents: None
Abilities: Darkvision
Equipment: Crude bow (Ranged Medium; Dam 6, Crit 4, Unwieldly 2), Padded armor (+1 soak)


2 2 1 2 2 1
4 12 0 10

Skills: Brawl 1, Cool 1, Discipline 2, Melee (Heavy) 2
Talents: None
Abilities: None
Equipment: Halberd (Heavy; Dam 5, Crit 3, Defensive 1, Pierce 3), Scale armor (+2 soak)