The Brewing Darkness

This is a campagin set in the world of Terrinoth using Genesys roleplaying system. You should at least have the Genesys core rules but also the Terrinoth source book to make best use of the resources in.

In the Brewing Darkness the PCs (Player Characters) are already somewhat accomplished persons of importance within the realm of Terrinoth. Perhaps they are an army captain, son of a baron, a trusted advisor or adventurer proven by many good deeds. Whatever it is you will be recognised throughout parts of Terrinoth because of your previous actions.

On the horizon there is a new growing threat. The PCs will combat this threat within the ranks and outside the ranks. A fourth darkness is coming and will consume the world if not stopped by the PCs. This is an epic campaign building on the Good vs. Evil stereotype where the PCs will combat the evil through various quests and along the way find out what the actual threat is and hopefully stop it.

Starting characters

The starting characters for this will be created using the rules as suggested in Terrinoth source book with addition of giving out an additional 50 XP as a starting bonus. In addition each character should be outfitted with good common gear according to their background.