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Developer information

The game is written such that any adventure module can be run in the engine. Each adventure module can be scripted using Lua and is defiend in a module (XML) file. The specification of these will be available here. If you are interested, please contact us.

Source code

The source code will be released eventually. The app itself is written in Java (for Android). It uses a 3rd party library to implement interface with Lua which is then used to script the individual modules released. The app is built of many different Activities but also keeps a global game state. Game state can be (partially*) serialized into a similar structure as found inside a module itself.

* the Lua state is not itself saved, but you can attach string properties to all in game objects

Making your own modules

The modules are made up of definitions of new maps, items, creatures, conversation etc. These are specified in an XML format. Maps are drawn using ASCII-art. To define custom behavor in your maps or items etc you need to script these. Scripting is done in Lua (version 5.0). The current objects that are available through scripting are:

You can find a module editor online and play with it. More information will be posted later but you can click here for a preview of scripting functionality.