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Creating characters

Before you start your first game you need to create some characters. Follow the instructions on the screen to create three characters.


There are a few different classes found. They are only prebuilt packages and the same things can always be created from the Custom class. The classes includes various magic users, rogue, ranger and warrior.

Each class also have their own starting equipment but are roughly equal.


From Skill Points (SP) you can buy your starting stats. The cost for each stat is seen near the + button. By clicking on a stat icon you will see the description of that particular stat.


The stats WTR, ERT, AIR, FIR are magic schools. To be able to use magic you must have the appropriate level in that school. The more powerful spells the higher the level. To cast spells you also need MP and usually gain bonuses from INT as well.


Certain stats gives you special skills to use. These skills are usually given if you have the required minimum stat. Others are gained in-game in various events. Each skill have a cooldown. This limits their use for every nth round.

Moving around

The game is turn-based and thus the game will remain paused if you do not click anywhere. Clicking on a space on the map will issue a move order. When exploring the whole party will move automatically towards this space. When in combat you instead need to manually move each space by clicking on an adjacent space instead.


If you want to open a door, read a note, check out a chest, talk to someone or try do something else you do an interact action. This is done by double-tapping on the space. This has to be an adjacent space.

Casting spells/Using skills

The cast/use button will open up a menu containing all the options available for use. Each spell is shown and each skills. Also a list of items the character has will be displayed. After selecting something from this list a target will usually be needed (unless it is self). You will go into target mode. When in target mode you move the target by tap. Tap on the target cursor to confirm your choice.