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With life getting in the way of regular updates we have done some updates. The version 1.0 has been launched on Google Play and it is out of alpha! Thanks for all the feedback. Also we have been working on the module editor UI. It is coming along nicely but lacks stuff still. For now you can view it here. Things have also started to fix some bugs and add sound effects.


Sorry that there have been no updates. The summer vacation led to other things being done. But the good news is that alpha 36 was just released. There are few things changed from alpha 33. There is a new side quest, there are some spell scrolls that can be acquired and there are some UI improvements in the app itself. We have been working on making modules easier by documenting schema and thinking of making automated tools somehow. But as the app itself relies on the data it recieves from the bundled main module it is not that easy as there is no stable "built-in" stuff. I guess the editing tools must be kept in sync with the general main module. There is development branches trying out fetching modules from a repository without need to update app itself and also a way to get XP from defeating enemies and finishing stuff in quests. We hope to keep some of you interested enough to come back for more.


We have released alpha 33 with some minor improvements and bugfixes. Stay tuned for more in the next month.


We have released alpha 32 that includes a way to finish the first adventure module. We have also had some ideas of hosting an adventure module repository of some sort. The core of the engine is done and we are filling core content in the main module so far. There are more spells and skills going into the game before we exit the alpha phase. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!


The work with the upcoming update is going well. We have updated the preview of the scripting API for creating modules. It can be found on the Developer link. We are working on supplying examples on how we are currently using the module editing capabilities.

We have started working on a simple side quest for the introduction module. Although this was not planned at the start we will include this one.


We are working on an update to roll out in April 2019. This will include two new map areas as well as updates to skills and spells (some minor tweaks only). We are also looking at how to support 3rd party modules, i.e. from YOU in a good way.
These are the planned updates:


Alpha 30 released to Google Play. Included new features and bugfixes. There is also some updates for module makers, i.e. scripting API.


Alpha 22 released to Google Play, shortly available. Included new features and for the last month is: